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... home to Organic Pilates, our hope is that every time you leave us, you feel mentally and physically happier than when you entered.

We offer small size group classes and passionate qualified instructors to ensure you receive all the care and attention you need.

 We offer a variety of pricing levels, so whether you are a local or here for a short stay, we  can't wait to welcome you home to Organic Pilates.

new client introduction package

1 x Private Class


3 x Group Reformer Classes

Organic Pilates offers a new client special for you to experience our reformer classes.


All new clients will be required to complete an introduction session with an instructor that will include a postural assessment, instruction on how to activate your core muscles and how to operate the reformer machine. You’ll also have your very first workout on the reformer with a qualified Pilates Instructor, so that when you attend your first group class you will know what you’re doing!


Sign up for a class or book a private appointment.

Comfortable activewear that you

can move freely in.


Socks must be worn at all times in the studio, preferably grip socks to ensure your safety on the equipment. These socks are available for purchase in studio.


New clients need to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete client forms.


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable active wear that you are free to move in and allows instructors to see movement of your body while you’re working out.


I have an injury can I still do Pilates?

Pilates is ideal to assist in recovering from a variety of injuries. It’s important that you have the appropriate approvals from medical professionals you are under the care of and it might also be helpful for your instructor to discuss any specific treatments with your healthcare professional prior to commencing your Pilates training. Please call us today to discuss your needs further.

I’ve never done Pilates before?

Your initial new client induction with a certified pilates instructor will cover all the basics you need to know before you go into a group class situation. Your induction will include a postural assessment, to indicate any exercise modifications, as well as instruction of how to correctly engage your core muscles and how to use the Pilates Reformer machines.


How often should I do Pilates to see results?

We recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week to see results and ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference. In 20 sessions you will see the difference. And in 30 sessions you will have a new body!” Joseph Pilates


Can I do Pilates when I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Pilates has many great benefits both during pregnancy and post natal. Click here for more information!



Organic Pilates classes are by appointment, so please call or go online to secure your place. Once you are a member all bookings can be completed through our online booking service via your computer or smart phone – don’t worry we can always show you how to do this!


If you would like to secure regular practice times, these can be booked up to 3 months in advance.



To ensure the quality of our service we maintain a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you give less than 12 hours or do not show up to your scheduled class you will forfeit your class payment. Clients on unlimited package will incur a $30 late cancellation fee.



If your ideal class time is fully booked we recommend adding yourself to the waitlist. When a position opens, you will be notified of availability and you can select to book the class.


Health & Safety

For hygiene purposes it is a requirement that clients wear socks at all times during a workout. For your convenience socks are available for purchase at the studio.



All packages are for individual use and therefore can not be shared and are non transferable.


Easily find and book your next class on our MINDBODY app. To get started, create an account with the same email you're currently using to book online. Once logged in, simply tap on the search icon and type in our name to see our schedule and book your next class. After you book you can easily find us again from your Favorites.

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