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Natalie is the founder of Organic Pilates and a certified Pilates instructor.


Natalie was inspired by the benefits she personally received from Pilates and wanted to share it with the world. 


Natalie is inspired by watching her clients accomplish and master movements, gain strength, alleviate pain, recover from injuries and correct their daily movement patterns.


Natalie is a passionate and calm instructor and her classes are guaranteed to have you coming back time and time again.

  • Natalie Dickson Pilates


After years of dancing, Mel first joined the Pilates world as a student to assist with her own body challenges, quickly seeing and feeling the benefits the Pilates method offered.


Wanting to continue her Pilates journey, Mel decided to become an Instructor, training in the BASI Pilates method. She now thrives on being able to share the Pilates experience and assist others in reaching their mind-body goals – whatever they may be!

Mel’s classes are focused and fun, aimed at creating a wonderful balance between both the Pilates technique and its resulting physique.


A former dancer, Amelia's passion and curiosity for movement started at a young age. Her love for Pilates stems from her interest in mindful movement as she believes people who move better, live better lives.


Amelia has been teaching Pilates and barre for

over six years, she holds certifications in Pilates,

Personal Training, Nutrition and Health Science.

Along with her experience in Pilates, Amelia

previously worked in Vail Colorado, USA

specialising in rehabilitation.  


Amelia loves to see clients recognise the movement

of their bodies in space while discovering how


they truly are.


Clients can expect a thorough yet fun approach to their practice while they improve body awareness, confidence and strength.


Penny discovered Pilates after knee surgery in 2001 when her Physiotherapist introduced her to clinical Pilates for rehabilitation. Pilates changed her life from living in constant pain to being pain free.

Pilates gave her confidence within movement, allowing her to build strength, awareness and recovery in body, mind and spirit so that she can enjoy the fun things and be in the moment where nothing else matters except exactly what she is doing and it's filled with pure joy and experience. 

With over 7 years of teaching every day people, elite athletes, rehab and elderly clients Penny a wealth of knowledge and choreography to work with.

Penny has a strong practice that has changed her life and is passionate about sharing it with you. She loves experiencing and exploring new things in a supportive environment, living a healthy lifestyle enjoying the outdoors and is a big fan of snacks.


My Name is Penny and I started my journey in health back in 2007 when I completed my Certificate IV in massage. My passion for massage and making a difference in people’s body’s and pain management lead me to Pilates.


In 2016 I began my Pilates journey, I completed my Matwork and Reformer instructor training a long with Stretch Therapy. I am passionate in helping people realise their body’s potential not only aiding in the healing process, relieving discomfort and imbalance in the body but also, helping people to retrain and strengthen their body so we start to know a different stronger kind of normal for ourselves.


I am a busy and excitable mum of two and I would love to share my energy and passion for health and well-being with you. 


After years of dancing and managing back pain Libby started taking Pilates mat classes. After a short time she found herself progress into the studio to work out on the equipment. Libby’s aches subsided and she was able to move freely again.


After experiencing the benefits of Pilates, that’s when she decided she wanted to be a Pilates Instructor. Libby completed her Comprehensive training through BASI and thrives on seeing the benefits that Pilates brings to her clients.


Libby’s classes are fun and creative with a strong emphasis on technique. She promises that you will leave her classes feeling challenged and fulfilled.

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